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"Very Pleased with work.. One Tree gone (Sun light shines) and another is Trimmed back to be safe .. Dead branches are gone. Awesome Job at a Good Price."

Dale (Henrietta)

"Phew !!! these guys are the best and highly recommend them. What a relief to have this job done and cleaned up."  Suzanne (East Rochester)

"Definitely a company with integrity, showed up ten minutes early, knew exactly what they were doing, and did a fantastic job.  Incredible professionals that safely cut down all the trees that we needed removed.  Educated me on what to look for in my other trees.  They even cleaned up after themselves.  I highly recommend them"

Jay (Naples) 

"Tree Wise Guys did an AWESOME job!!! I had a BEHEMOTH tree split and go down from that March wind storm. The half that was left standing was a bear to get to, but they took that Goliath down and carted its head to the curb and left its body for my firewood. I highly recommend these guys!!"  Dawn (Brighton)

"Very happy with the job that was done in removing 4 pine trees that were leaning toward my home. I am now comforted in knowing that the next major wind storm to sweep through the area will not topple the trees onto my home. Well done Brian. Well done!"  Brian (Brighton)

"Tree Wise Guys quickly did free estimate and had me well on the way to getting one large tree down that had ash bore. They worked conscientiously and even called my town to see about what could be left on the curb. They were neat and tidy with the work and finishing the job. I will have them back for another job as soon as I can."  Sheila (North Chili)

"Great guys. Hard working, thorough, great cleanup, respectful and polite. They come highly recommended by me. Honest and reasonably priced. My trees look great. Job well done and I am a happy camper. I am moving forward with a second project with these guys."  Cecilia (Pittsford)

"I hired these guys to take down some trees over my house. Great guys, honest and thorough."  

Frank (Brockport)

"These Tree Wise Guys are great, they gave me a price to cut down seven large pine trees and committed to a date that fit my schedule. On the day they were were scheduled to cut the trees down it was raining, they called to confirm the schedule and showed up on time. I was shook it was raining and the weather forecast was rain all day. They worked in the rain all day cutting the trees, my neighbor who has a professional landscaping business was totally impressed. Out of a five star rating I give them six stars."  Warren (Buffalo) 

"Brian and Paul are awesome to work with. They provided quick service and are always a blast to talk to."  Dale (Brockport)

"I cannot thank Brian and Paul enough! They tackled a really huge tree and took it down with precision. All while avoiding my roof, my neighbor’s electrical lines and my fence. I was amazed at their technical skills. These guys work incredibly hard, and know their stuff. They were diligent in cleaning up, too. I highly recommend them!"  Barb (Henrietta)

"Tree Wise Guys did a fantastic job! Quick, clean, professional, punctual, and GREAT prices! They took down two large trees that were rotting from the inside out, and they were awesome to deal with! I HIGHLY recommend them and even referred them to my neighbor on the spot! Great crew and great business!" Alex & Sarah (Brockport)



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